Betting Pool

Thanks all for participating in the football World Cup sweepstakes. Our lucky winners are:

1. Place and ZAR 2400: Andre de Villiers

2. Place and ZAR 600: Ross Bruton

3. Place and ZAR 100: Jonathon Jewell

To all others (including myself): better luck next time in Russia 2018. And try to pick Germany from the hat if you are planning on winning :)

Country Person
  Algeria  Daniel Vosloh
  Argentina  Ross Bruton
  Australia  Amanuel Tecle Ghebremicael*
  Belgium  Ebrahim
  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Lerato Lerato
  Brazil  James Pryke
  Cameroon  Tommy Robinson
  Chile  Jaques de Villiers
  Colombia  Bart Danon
  Costa Rica  Julie Klein
  Côte d'Ivoire  Pedri Claasen
  Croatia  Jens Kossman
  Ecuador  Jaco Leroux
  England  Gary Stafford
  France  Marion
  Germany  Andre
  Ghana  Asey
  Greece  James Lloyd
  Honduras  Dave
  Iran  Bron
  Italy  Mhain
  Japan  Margot Flint
  Korea Republic  Marnus Smith
  Mexico  Giovanni
  Netherlands  Jonathon Jewell
  Nigeria  Erik Denkhaus
  Portugal  Daniel Edward Roux*
  Russia  Florian Böhlandt
  Spain  No Draw
  Switzerland  ???
  Uruguay Marco Böhlandt
  USA  John Wilson

 *not yet paid

Prize Money

(Last Update: 14/07/2014). The competition is closed. Below you may find a preliminaty overview of the potential winnings.
Ranking Prize Money
  World Cup Champion ZAR 2400
  Finalist ZAR 600
  Third placed ZAR 100