Betting Pool

Thanks all for participating in the football World Cup sweepstakes. Congratulations to France and Ben winning this year's tournament and sweepstakes. Dylan (Croatia) and Graham (Belgium) secure place two and three.

Country Person
  Argentina  John Schaerges
  Australia  Florian Boehlandt
  Belgium  Graham Watkins
  Brazil  Brett Bruton
  Colombia  Jarrad Nelson
  Costa Rica  Michael Cousins
  Croatia  Dylan Ferguson
  Denmark  Scott Bruton
  Egypt  Ben Lindow
  England  Shaun Ferreira
  France  Ben Lindow
  Germany  Gavin George
  Iceland  Jarrad Nelson
  Iran  Sven Boehlandt
  Japan  Graham Watkins
  Mexico  Michael Cousins
  Morocco  Ross Bruton
  Nigeria  Marco Boehlandt
  Panama  John Schaerges
  Peru  Florian Boehlandt
  Poland  Ross Bruton
  Portugal  James Burger
  Russia  Gavin George
  Saudi Arabia  Brett Bruton
  Senegal  Shaun Ferreira
  Serbia  Scott Bruton
  South Korea  James Burger
  Spain  Sven Boehlandt
  Sweden  Alban Weber
  Switzerland  Marco Boehlandt
  Tunisia  Dylan Ferguson
  Uruguay  Alban Weber

 *not yet paid

Prize Money

(Last Update: 16/07/2018). The competition is open.
Ranking Prize Money
  World Cup Champion ZAR 2000
  Finalist ZAR 800
  Third placed ZAR 400